Stereotypes of the Netherlands


Inspired by the New Jersey map, and used as a fun exercise in both mapmaking and summing up my own knowledge of my home country. Obviously this is no hard science (or whatever form of science, for that matter), but, you know, it’s a map. Maps are cool.

See also CGP Grey video.

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Overheids lasten verzwaringen gaan door


Het gerucht wordt nu geplugd dat er wel een half miljard aan cadeautjes aankomt. Vertaald naar de realiteit bedoelen ze dat er niet een kleine zeven miljard structureel per jaar bij de burger wordt weggehaald, maar ‘slechts’ ruim zes. Sterker nog, de staat bezuinigt niet de laatste jaren, maar verhoogt de lasten en noemt dat verschil met de uitgaven dan “bezuinigen”.
De financiele onzekerheid is ondertussen door hetzelfde kabinet niet verkleint. Goedbedoelde ontlasting van de overheid, betekent niet-werkende rompslomp voor bedrijven en ZZP’ers.

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Israel’s Military Plan in Gaza, and the Strengthening of Hamas

A Palestinian man cries as he holds the dead body of his young brother shortly after he was killed
A Palestinian man cries as he holds the dead body of his young brother shortly after he was killed

In Gaza today there are thousands of Anne Franks, but their words are rarely seen by Americans. The most painful feeling is when your life is not counted as fully human, is not valued as much as the lives of those who are trying to kill you. When your feelings and your soul mean nothing.

Great article on the Huffington Post by Fanack Editor Taghreed El-Khodary!

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4 months of interim EU commissioner costs 500.000 euro


Hamburg – Brussels four Commissioners, to step in on an interim basis, to collect around 500,000 euros each according to SPIEGEL information, for nearly four months of work. The Luxembourger Martine Reichert, the Poland Jacek Dominik, the Italians Ferdinando Nelli Feroci and the Finns Jyrki Katainen are four so-called residence allowances and salaries in the amount of at least € 24,000 per month.
There are also allowances for set-up costs, a month’s salary after retirement and the age of 65 to claim a pension. The departure from Brussels is then gilded by the payment of transitional funds, which can be up to 300,000 euros per person. [SPIEGEL]

Even during holliday months the EU dares to pay them ridiculous amounts of money. Is this what the VVD/PVDA wanted? Meanwhile CDA does the right thing and objects.

There is no crisis in the EU… Update: Also no crisis in the Medical sector.

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