Sincerity Machine | The Comic Sans typewriter

The Sincerity Machine — a device that types in Comic Sans

By now typewriters are so obsolete as to seem an affectation, even if you are Tom Wolfe. But whatever lingering cachet the technology offers in its twilight is obliterated by the Sincerity Machine — a device that types in Comic Sans.


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Destroying a IS pickup truck can cost US $500,000

Destroyed Islamic State pickup truck
Destroying a $30,000 Islamic State pickup truck can cost US $500,000

Each U.S. “strike” against the self-proclaimed Islamic State can involve several aircraft and munitions and cost up to $500,000, according to Todd Harrison, an expert with the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, a Washington-based defense think tank.

Harrison said the cheapest possible strike could cost roughly $50,000 — assuming a single plane dropping one of the cheaper types of bombs. But the majority of airstrikes cost much more, involving F-15s, F-16s, F-22s and other aircraft that cost $9,000 to upward of $20,000 per hour to operate and explosives that cost tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Harrison noted that each strike’s price “depends on the distance to the target site, how long it may need to loiter, what type of aircraft is used, and whether it needs aerial refueling (and how many times).”

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A friendly drum line competition between the III Marine Expeditionary Force (III MEF) Band and the Republic of Korea (ROK) Army Band.

While the battle was declared a tie, the true victor that day was world peace.

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NSA CTO with commercial conflict of interest “under review”

Keith Alexander
Former National Security Agency (NSA) director Keith Alexander

The National Security Agency is now conducting an internal investigation of a top official’s part-time work for a private cybersecurity firm, according to Reuters. That company, IronNet Cybersecurity, was founded by Keith Alexander. Alexander served as the head of the spy agency from August 2005 until March 2014. Former NSA director had thousands personally invested in obscure tech firms.

“No conflicts appear to exist” among Keith Alexander’s investments. Alexander repeatedly made the public case that the American public is at “greater risk” from a terrorist attack in the wake of the Snowden disclosures. Statements such as those could have a positive impact on the companies he was invested in, which could have eventually helped his personal bottom line. Keith Alexander, the founder of IronNet Cybersecurity, served as the director of the NSA for nearly a decade.

The Fear industry is apparently not afraid to push people in high places.

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