Swift Swift

swfitIt has taken a while but after a few lawsuits, and changing legistlation on both sides, now finally some control mechanisms are put back into place.
While most large companies are always taking actions to prevent corporate spying and like-wise citizens for their privacy rights, Swifts obligation under current US law which forced it to allow US government access to its US support datacenter seem to overrule those actions. Swift therefore has decided to close down this facility.

One MEP, Dutch Liberal Sophie in’t Veld, said it was not a question of being anti-American – American privacy laws were in fact tougher than those in the EU. quote from BBC

It makes sense, if you hold an international datacenter wouldn’t you logically apply the toughest privacy restrictions of your members? Odd it took so long.

In related news, the European parliament accuses EU states for their negligence in checking the at least recorded 1245 flights CIA flights for deportations. This story surely will have a follow-up.

Swift sides with US in data spat.

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