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Authors@Google: Noam Chomsky

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    Net Neutrality Emergency Broadcast

    You can make the difference: or if you’re a virgin:

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      Space Nazis

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        Processing.js vs. Flash


        On his birthday, John Resig (creator of jQuery) has given a present to developers by releasing Processing.js. This is a Javascript port of the Processing Visualization Language and a first step towards Javascript being a rival to Flash for online graphics content. His blog post contains an excellent writeup with many demos.” (Slashdot)

        John Resig just pushed Javascript a bit closer as a competitor of Flash. From the comments:

        Could canvas & javascript together could ever approach the render and execution performance of Flash? Why not? Flash == Software renderer. Canvas == Software renderer. Actionscript == ECMAScript engine. Javascript == ECMAScript engine. Hell, once FireFox is on the Tamarin engine, the two platforms will be practically the same!

        John Resig wrote before about this browser scripting “revolution” with the Tamarin engine. What’s Apple doing? I won’t worry about Microsoft, they are not even using their own Silverlight.

        For the rest this seems to me a welcome development.
        Might we see this visualization soon too in jQuery and WordPress?

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          Einsteins view on GOD


          Many want to claim Einstein did believe in God. His famous “God doesn’t gamble with the Universe” is mentioned often. Well, his latest revealed letter makes his view of God very clear. He was a non-believer.

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            Computer Privacy Rights

            kjGermany got them, just proving their record. Meanwhile Expats might start avoiding Amsterdam, because their credit card and computer details appear not safe anymore. Why? Because the city government employees appear to claim rights out of the ordinary. ..
            Next week also the discussion of data retention lengths is held. Some political parties are finally starting to address these rights.

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              Golf Etiquette according to Bush

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                Barcamp NL Gov Web 2008


                Dutch Government’s approach to all things web and digital is changing for all sorts of reasons: transformational government / website rationalisation provides greater focus on a smaller number of online channels, the impact of – and opportunities presented by – web 2.0 is looming large in everyone’s thoughts, online engagement and deliberation are buzz phrases.

                • How do citizens experience government services and where are the disconnects?
                • What does this all mean?
                • How does it all fit together?
                • What skills / resources are organisations going to need in future?
                • Who’s done it already?
                • How do you actually do this stuff?
                • Where are we with open APIs in government?

                This barcamp provides a opportunity where hopefully we can answer some of the difficult questions and create a shared vision and approach. Equally, its hoped we can mobilise the government digital media community to improve our skills, knowledge and voice as a collective group.

                When: June 7
                Where: Volksrant Gebouw, Amsterdam
                Sign-up and More:

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                  Mobile evolution

                  More How To Videos at
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                    Kennistopper faciliëren / faciliteren

                    De HBO raad stelt dat Nederland getalenteerde internationale studenten en gastdocenten uit Nederland wegjaagt. Administratieve rompslomp en kosten verbonden aan visa en leges zijn schadelijk voor de economie en het imago van Nederland als kennisland volgens de raad en anderen.

                    Cynisch gesteld wordt dus een mooi staaltje VOC mentaliteit, van Hogescholen en Universiteiten, door Haagse beleidsmakers in de kiem gesmoord. Het Telegraaf artikel “Kennistopper schrikt hier van dure visa” geeft aan dat de IND zijn handen wast, ze werken kostendekkend.


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                      Direct Video Manipulation


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                        Time Flies

                        Tomorrow 5 years of wordpress blogging niceness.

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