Worthless WordPress Plugin


Website: http://meandmymac.net

That’s right… There are over 2000 plugins registered at wordpress.org repositories. And all of them have a purpose. Do something useful or are otherwise not-worthless.

This plugin is different and therefor unique from all of them; It is not useful to use this plugin. It doesn’t do anything interesting (which is kinda interesting in itself) and does not enrich your site with new features or functions.

So what does it do? Nothing! FRIGGEN USELESS!! yay! Amazing isn’t it?


* none


1. Upload the worthlessplugin folder to the plugins folder.
2. Activate the plugin from the “plugins” page.
3. Make a donation or click a banner!


1. De-activate the plugin.
2. Remove the folder from wp-content/plugins

Website: http://meandmymac.net

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