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Memristors coming quickly to your shop


Flash memory is becoming more and more fragile so it can’t be written and erased many times.
HP is just three years away from bringing the memristor to market as a new product called ReRAM, for Resistive Random Access Memory. ReRAM can read and write memory bits much faster than flash, even as it consumes a tenth of the energy as flash memory. Read More

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    30 Years of Asteroids in 3 Minutes

    Finding the space rock trash within our solar system has, just as with space flight junk been spotted and registered better and better. Flying to Mars seems suddenly a bit tougher.

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      Brazil Considering Legalizing File Sharing

      “It looks like Brazil may be the country to watch if you’re interested in much more consumer-friendly copyright laws (assuming US diplomatic pressure doesn’t interfere). As that country goes through a copyright reform process, among the proposals is one that would create fines not just for infringing, but also for hindering fair use and the public domain. Also, there is a big push underway, with widespread support — even from some artists groups — to legalize file sharing in exchange for a small levy (~$1.74/month) on your broadband connection. Of course, one reason why Brazil may be doing it this way is because of the massive success the Brazilian musical genre technobrega has had by embracing file sharing as a way to promote new works, and making money (often lots of it) through other avenues, like live shows.” (via)

      Not sure, why it all should still be taxed, but it is a bit in the right direction.

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        Best way to store your mail


        An anonymous reader writes “I have kept every email I have ever sent or received since 1990, with the exception of junk mail (though I kept a lot of that as well). I have migrated my emails faithfully from Unix mail, to Eudora, to Outlook, to Thunderbird and Entourage, though I have left much of the older stuff in Outlook PST files. To make my life easier I would now like to merge all the emails back into a single searchable archive — just because I can. But there are a few problems: a) Moving them between email systems is SLOW; while the data is only a few GB, it is hundred of thousands of emails and all of the email systems I have tried take forever to process the data. b) Some email systems (i.e. Outlook) become very sluggish when their database goes over a certain size. c) I don’t want to leave them in a proprietary database, as within a few years the format becomes unsupported by the current generation of the software. d) I would like to be able to search the full text, keep the attachments, view HTML emails correctly and follow email chains. e) Because I use multiple operating systems, I would prefer platform independence. f) Since I hope to maintain and add emails for the foreseeable future, I would like to use some form of open standard. So, what would you recommend?”

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          De Rotterdam … I hope it will be constructed someday

          De Rotterdam is conceived as a vertical city: three interconnected mixed-use towers accommodating offices, apartments, a hotel, conference facilities, gym, shops, restaurants, and cafes. The project began in 1997 and was planned to go under construction at the end of 2009, with completion scheduled for 2013. Sadly the construction hasn’t started yet and I question if it will be build at all.

          More information here or visit

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            EU – how not to make policy

            Let’s introduce heavy handed policy based on guesses, not even trying to find the slightest educated guess.

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              Power of Music

              90-year-old man recounts a remarkable experience he had in WWII. I guess he played Lili Marleen [via]

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                Lumberjack-Song in German

                Above the German version of the famous lumberjack-song. Of course there is a Hungarian version of the classic Monty Python song, give it a chance!

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                  European Parliament passes anti-ACTA declaration


                  Today 377 members of the European Parliament adopted a written declaration on the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) in which they demand greater transparency, assert that ISPs should not up end being liable for data sent through their networks, and say that ACTA “should not force limitations upon judicial due process or weaken fundamental rights such as freedom of expression and the right to privacy.” [...]
                  La Quadrature du Net, a French group that heavily backed the declaration, sees it as a sign that ACTA is doomed.
                  “Written Declaration 12 is a strong political signal sent by the EP to the Commission that ACTA is not tolerable as a way of bypassing democratic processes. Legislation related to Internet, freedom of speech and privacy cannot be negotiated in secrecy under the direct influence of entertainment industry lobbies,” said spokesperson Jérémie Zimmermann. “Full rejection of ACTA is the only option.”

                  More at Ars.

                  In one of the few very visible situations the EU parlement seems to make a strong stand against this very ondemocratic ACTA movement and its backers. Finally.

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                    Logorama from Human Music & Sound Design on Vimeo.

                    Logorama won the 2010 academy award for best short animated film. Brilliant to watch.

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                      Why is it America’s job to save the world from asteroids?


                      The U.S. currently spends about $5.5 million per year to track NEO’s and less than a million on researching ways to counter them, but is falling far short of asteroid-detection goals. Some might say that’s already too much, given the more terrestrial problems the U.S. faces. On the other hand, the United States spends more than $1 billion — the amount NASA says it needs to meet its goal of detecting all potentially dangerous objects by 2020 — on far less lofty goals than saving humanity from the fate of the dinosaurs. Even an asteroid just one kilometer in diameter would be enough to cause worldwide crop failures and a shift in the earth’s climate. One just a few meters wide could wipe out a major city.

                      But why, in this supposedly post-American world, is the United States expected to take the lead on this?

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                        Don’t play it safe

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                          Overdose: The next financial Crisis

                          Overheden hebben de banken gered, maar wie redden de overheden? Strekking van film ‘Overdose’: de moeder der bubbels wordt opgeblazen, de ‘bailout bubbel’.(via). 45 minuten zonder complot theorieen en meer harde cijfers dat we toch een probleem aan het bouwen zijn, waar we ook zonder er aan te willen denken, toch tegaan gaan lopen.

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                            Richard Dawkins’ Speech at Protest the Pope March

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                              Facebook movie – The Social Network

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                                Steven Johnson: Where good ideas come from

                                Why overly protecting ideas is a bad idea, if you want new good ideas.

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                                  WALLSTREET 2

                                  Greed never sleeps.

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                                    John Cleese on the Origin of Creativity

                                    Cleese on sleeping on a idea, where good ideas come from (we simply don’t know), don’t get interrupted etc. A bit scientific for Cleese, but interesting.

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                                      21th century enlightenment

                                      See also the previous featured RSA video in an earlier post.

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                                        3-Strikes-Rule Mess starts this week in France

                                        sellout france internet

                                        This week the sell-out policy of the 3 Strikes rule is starting. The Multinational copyright companies will require French ISPs turn over 150,000 subscriber names , addresses, mailadresses and phone numbers, per day. Detail: Multinational corporations are already flooding French ISPs with more than 10,000 requests a day for the personal information of accused infringers. Once a user has received three unsubstantiated accusations of infringement, the entire household is cut off from the Internet for a year, and it becomes a crime for any other ISP to connect that family or household.

                                        Unsubstantiated? Well, there is NO check. Not surprising since even if they would check, they are paid by the requester, the corporations, not the government. Due process is already dead there.
                                        But this shitty system will fine ISPs €1,500 per accused “infringer”, if ISPs are not able to turn over 150,000 personal identities per day. And defence comes AFTERWARDS and only in a brief “traffic-court”-like streamlined judiciary. (via oa. boingboing)

                                        Basically Sarkozy makes these corporations now dictorial rulers of internet access in France and deletes a couple of French people constitutional rights. Think privacy rights or legal rights for defence.
                                        It cannot be healthy to just hand over such a huge pile of private information without questions to a bunch of corporations.
                                        This kind of moron power grabbing is unlikely to be sustainable, so let the mess begin….

                                        See also earlier posts.

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                                          US “freedom list” now up for grabs


                                          It seems that 2010 for the internet is the year of filtering, backroom control buttons and wrong power play. Now up: After those backward countries as China and “advanced” onces as Brittain or Australia, it is now…
                                          The United States ??

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                                            David Simon wins one of the “genius” grants

                                            Like the other grant winners, Simon will receive $500,000 over the next five years to spend however he sees fit …
                                            Simon probably receives the grant because of his aim to get discussions going which might not be so popular but are among the most hard problems which need discussion.

                                            See also his rant regarding New York attitude of what is important.

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                                              Wordcamp central launched


                                              The wordpress core team announced with the 3.0 release that they would look more seriously at how to organise the community even better, in prepareness of the growth they still see. One of these first steps seems the creation of one collection point of the Wordcamps. Nice, since now looking for a close by conference is even more easy.

                                              See also older posts before about Wordcamps.

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                                                Traditional Mail vs. E-mail


                                                How do they compare at this moment?

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