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Traditional Mail vs. E-mail


How do they compare at this moment?

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Wordcamp central launched


The wordpress core team announced with the 3.0 release that they would look more seriously at how to organise the community even better, in prepareness of the growth they still see. One of these first steps seems the creation of one collection point of the Wordcamps. Nice, since now looking for a close by conference is even more easy.

See also older posts before about Wordcamps.

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David Simon wins one of the “genius” grants

Like the other grant winners, Simon will receive $500,000 over the next five years to spend however he sees fit …
Simon probably receives the grant because of his aim to get discussions going which might not be so popular but are among the most hard problems which need discussion.

See also his rant regarding New York attitude of what is important.

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US “freedom list” now up for grabs


It seems that 2010 for the internet is the year of filtering, backroom control buttons and wrong power play. Now up: After those backward countries as China and “advanced” onces as Brittain or Australia, it is now…
The United States ??

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