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Staatssecretaris Teeven not for open government


Today was the Press-conference of secretary-minister about government plans for banning downloading in the netherlands. This is of course repressive, dumb, to great loss to everyone, policy. Teeven is trying to silently bring it to a vote in Parliament. Avoiding (like above bouncer notes – “No Bits of Freedom people”) the plans to become available to general public and groups as bits of freedom, which are very well informed of the implications and rights people have on the issue.

Bits of Freedom people are no intrusive activists and well respected. So Teeven, if your arguments are THAT weak, that you cannot be open about it, it cannot be a good idea. If you need to avoid dialogue, even repress the public from knowing the details, are these not more signs of the kind of ideas you have for the public… repressive, unopen.

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    Franken: Pay for War before authorizing

    Senator Al Franken has proposed a “Pay for War” resolution that would require Congress to raise taxes and/or cut spending before authorizing new acts of war, so that American foreign adventures can’t contribute to the national debt.


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