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Unstoppable Internet or Kill Switch?

internet suitcase

In a sort of 21st century version of Radio Free Europe, the US State Department has sponsored a project that develops suitcase-sized kits that set up cell-phone based mesh networks. These private networks are to be deployed in countries that have totalitarian governments (with anti-American sentiment).
So wait.. on the one hand we develop unstoppable internet in suitcases.

Sascha Meinrath, who is leading the “Internet in a suitcase” project as director of the Open Technology Initiative at the New America Foundation said: “We’re going to build a separate infrastructure where the technology is nearly impossible to shut down, to control, to surveil,”

While on the other hand countries are building a “kill-switch” for the internet.

The Internet “kill switch” debate that has swirled around proposed legislation is back — but now the senators whose bill first prompted the use of the term are warning that it is President Barack Obama’s plan that includes it.

How does that make sense? It also raises the EU and UN concerns regarding who owns the 13 internet servers which make the domain accesss work..
Oh joy!

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