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How we watch television is rapidly changing

how we watch tv

How young people watch television is rapidly changing according to a new study of UK mobile internet users below the age of 25. 80% of those surveyed use a mobile device to communicate with friends while watching TV with 72% using Twitter, Facebook or mobile applications to actively comment on shows as they are watching them.

Rather than social networks and television competing for attention it seems that young people are happy to embrace both and use one to enhance their enjoyment of the other. The UK study found that 34% described the trend as ‘fun’, 32% said it made television ‘more interesting’ with 42% mentioning the ‘community’ aspect of ‘Social TV’.

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    Clean Shipping Index, lets use it as a tax instrument

    Please note that the 16 largest ships are responsible for a CO2-emission that equals the emission off all auto-mobiles combined on our planet.

    Shipping is an energy efficient way of transporting goods, but it is associated with a number of negative environmental effects. The Clean Shipping Project was started in order to increase focus on the environmental issues of shipping. One of the results of the project so far is the Clean Shipping Index, an index taking a holistic perspective on the environmental issues of shipping.

    I guess that some kind of ‘Clean Shipping Index‘ (CSI) will be used one day as a tax-tool or benchmark for port officials. Meaning taxing environmental unfriendly ships extra when they de-embark in an European port makes them economically less attractive.


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      Fukushima – Don’t worry people

      Michio Kaku on CNN: Fukushima – “They Lied to Us” – June 21, 2011
      Video is from 1 month ago.. still, a number of problems he mentions are actually now coming to the surface.. (sign)
      [More on Fukushima]

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        How much for a logo?


        15 MILLION Euro for a old logo. Note that people involved ALL earned more than the dutch government salary norm. The timing, a few days after government went on holiday is now very comfortable… i guess. Meanwhile Culture, Healthcare and Education costs are cut. Sometimes it is small things which make people angry.. this is probably one of them.

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          Mediatraining gone wrong

          Media-training: Choose what you want to say and answer all questions (whatever their meaning) by getting as soon as possible to your point.

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            13000 Satelites around Earth

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              Chinese 9 Yrs old girl busts a move around China

              Chinese 9 Yrs old girl shuffling in front of TianAnMen square in beijing, the guy is her Dad…She explains she’s doing a “step dance” (shuffle), specifies the location ie. TianAnMen, Birds Nest Stadium, etc.; and asks for support. [via]

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                Nasa’s Direction 2011


                Today, or this weekend, the last space shuttle flight will commence.There is much emotional goodbyes going around. However, there are plenty of reasons to stop. For example the space shuttle was too expensive, ineffective. Its advantage as large space cargo delivery fully undercut by the 1/4 of a price conventional rockets. Now, by ending the Shuttle Program, Nasa says it can use all that money to fund research for better space flight and reaching its goals faster. But will this happen? Critics still say No.

                Nasa plans in their eyes don’t provide enough focus to make their success likely. The proposed “Flexible plans” seem increasingly fewer plans.
                Also do they lack the human hero’s and inspiration to cover for the disappearance of the shuttle crews from the media. Nasa’s Plan replaces shuttle with 5 to 10 years of no space flights. Even comparable commercial space flights take at least 5 years to come. With current historic low young Nasa employers numbers (only 20% is between 20-40 years old), waning interest among teenagers (the source of support & brilliant researchers) and more space jobs now being lost, congress is rightly restless. Sure, there are enough great technical challenges, but these will remain unreachable without public interest, short-term.

                Neill deGrasse agrees that we really NEED manned flight, for that interest. Regardless of the goals.

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                  WordPress 3.2 is out

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                    Linked-In Infograph


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                      Bill Maher: Republican Base kills Middleclass & Economy

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                        What we all sometimes think..


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                          US Ownership of Internet & data, before everyone?

                          We noted recently, Homeland Security has a rather expansive view over why the US has jurisdiction over any website using a .com or .net domain name. And, recent admissions from Microsoft that EU data protection rules are effectively meaningless when faced with a US PATRIOT Act request for data. Basically, the US appears to claim that even if the data is stored in Europe, with strict data protection rules, if it’s a US company, the US believes it has jurisdiction and can demand access to it. The EU was publicly ‘not amused’.
                          While you can understand why US officials and law enforcement want to view the world this way, what stuns me is that they appear to be totally tone deaf to oblivious unintended consequences and likely counter moves to such a views. (Expect) A moral cover of other countries doing the same thing, harming US interests significantly, an inevitable backlash and widespread harm to US companies and internet users. (techdirt)

                          Did the US not get that latest (2005) internet demographic?
                          Is it datamining again? Here We Go *again*.
                          Let’s see if the EU is still keeps talking cheap…

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                            Google not willing to respect privacy


                            Google heeft de 3,6 miljoen illegaal geoogste SSID’s van wifi-routers nog steeds niet gewist, maar krijgt toch geen boetes. Het CBP is gezwicht onder druk van Google en heeft alle eisen opgeschort.

                            Google, CBP will be back.. this is not over yet.

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                              Whale liberated

                              Michael Fishbach narrates his encounter with a humpback whale entangled in a fishing net. Gershon Cohen and he have founded The Great Whale Conservancy to protect whales., is their website, or go to gwc’s facebook page, and join them in helping to save these magnificent beings.

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                                Released in 1986, this video was intended for lonely people with VCRs. Pop in the tape and, voila, your new friend, Sam, is in your living room. We dare you to attempt a conversation.

                                More @

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                                  The Euro Crisis Song

                                  See also earlier crisis posts.

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                                    Mona Lisa Remix


                                    A great work of remix culture.

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                                      George Church about Personalizing Genetics

                                      Genetics is running fast to personalized DNA self help, see also earlier posts (especially 2nd paragraph). Besides Greg Venter, George Church is one of the driving foreman in this field. He’s onto interesting things.
                                      See also the following video from 2004: (more…)

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                                        Hackgate: The Movie

                                        Hey David Kelley, art thou there?

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                                          Amy Winehouse age 19 singing in Rotterdam

                                          Amy Winehouse singing before drugs … RIP

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                                            The Great Cornholio about to return

                                            Beavis & Butt-Head 2011 Sneak Peek:

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                                              Kevin Slavin: How algorithms shape our world

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                                                The 7 Stages of Internet Grief

                                                • people tweet about dead celebrity
                                                • people tweet about what dead celebrity meant to them
                                                • people tweet insensitive jokes about dead celebrity
                                                • people tweet about how it’s too soon to be tweeting insensitive jokes about dead celebrity
                                                • people tweet about how other people tweeting about dead celebrity aren’t tweeting the right way about dead celebrity
                                                • people tweet about how people tweeting about dead celebrity should instead be tweeting about recent tragedy
                                                • people tweet about how people who tweet about how people tweeting about dead celebrity should instead be tweeting about recent tragedy are assholes

                                                And that is basically what happened on the entire Internet this weekend, after Amy Winehouse died, and because it was boiling hot in 85% of North America, everyone was glued to their computers and their Twitters and had to really let it fly.

                                                Via Matt Langer & The Awl

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                                                  Tech News Is So Phenomenally Boring

                                                  You never read tech news, do you? Good. Somehow, the story of the accidental early release of a Facebook iPad app everyone was expecting is threatening to turn into a week-long saga. Make it stop! This is the most boring shit ever.

                                                  Hilarious post read more @

                                                  [via @spencerchen]

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