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Glass that makes your beer cold


Heineken makes important improvement on its glasses.

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    Matt Damon Defends Teachers

    And rightly so.

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      Olbermann: Deficit Deal is getting tipping point

      Olbermann concludes in his special comment that if US citizens don’t get mad very soon, their countries government will go “beyond fixing”.

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        Lincoln assassination witness on TV?

        He was in April 14, 1865. Amazing (via). A quick footnote: Samuel Seymour died two months after his TV appearance.

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          Fast Internet and Data Limits = Useless

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            The Buttonwood Gathering on Sovereign Risk

            Mohamed El-Erian, Anshu Jain, Pippa Malmgren and Deven Sharma discuss the risk and potential impact of a sovereign default. [20 May 2011 @ Buttonwood Gathering]

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              US lost AAA status


              America’s ability to pay is neither here nor there: the problem is its willingness to pay. And there’s a serious constituency of powerful people in Congress who are perfectly willing and even eager to drive the US into default. The Tea Party is fully cognizant that it has been given a bazooka, and it’s just itching to pull the trigger. There’s no good reason to believe that won’t happen at some point.(Felix Salmon)

              Investors won’t learn much new from S&P’s announcement. Politicians should – Economist.

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                Fault Lines: The Top 1%

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                  Oslo Bombing Witness Douchebag reports his Awesome Gym Workout

                  Off course professional lifter calls his bullshit bluff :)

                  More douchebags.

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                    Luke Million: Arnold

                    Luke Million “Arnold”
                    Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger
                    Director: 1977: George Butler
                    Redit: Alanedit
                    Baby Oil: Natassious Columbu, Johnson & Johnson
                    Roids: Jose Cullo
                    Gym Towels: Paul Puma
                    Special thanks to Gold’s Gym, the water cooler, Luke Million. Breasts.
                    Label: Future Classic
                    Pumping Iron: © White Horse / Cinegate.
                    More energy!


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                      Margin Call

                      Margin Call is een Hollywoodfilm over de laatste 24 uur van de investment bank. Niet het best uitgebouwd qua characters, menselijk drama. Wel erg on topic: hoe we van zekerheid bij mekaar hangen. “It’s not called panic if you’re first out the door,” as one character crisply observes.

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                        The Forecloser

                        The arrogance of a bank against rightful people, backfired!

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                          WSR 2011 – Teams coming back for Gold?

                          16-23 October the World Solar Race will be held again. The website has (finally) acceptable quality, although for a hightech event, still lacks on its front page things as social media..(like twente for example). Similar not all teams have their homepage in english. But participating is more important than looking good on paper/computer screens of course.
                          One of the teams who does have excellent communication channels is the Nuna 6 team. Its one of the favorites and they presented their car this week. Less drag, lighter weight, on pilot individual size fitted design (!). Impressive and notice the evolution in this race: Nuna 1 was twice as heavy as Nuna 6.
                          But Nuna has serious competition. Last year winner Tokai for example went unbeaten from the start, never really in danger. Their car has been improved as well, despite the tsunami events…Again, we’re missing a good english website about them this year. So lets leave it with the simple video below?
                          Previous Solar Race posts are here.

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                            Kittywood Studios – Where catvideos are born

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                              Wordcamp 2011 is on


                              Missed the ticket? Get to the livestream [live-stream ticket required]. Program and other info there too. See also previous Wordcamps.

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                                Citizen Power: Get the Fukoshima Contamination Map

                                Shinzo Kimura, a radiation specialist, who once visited Chernobyl to perform research, was shortly after the Fukushima accident, ordered to refrain from engaging in any sort of research (???). Rightly Kimura left the agency and set out to do what his government failed to do. Together with Masaharu Okano and other scientists they produced a contamination map of 50km around the nucluar plant. He clearly finds the Fukushima disaster worse than Chernobyl. The 90 minute NHK documentary above covers his 3 month post-disaster venture.

                                Short overview of his map project, after driving 3000 km by car

                                The video shows the government not declaring the radiation level which is safe for children. It’s breaking mothers. Why does it take so long for a map like kumura to be available in evacuation places themselves? Why are citizens left at their own devices? I’m surprised that the press is so calm about the fact that radiation contamination will increase for at least 9 months before the protective frame is ready. Do they understand this disaster?

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                                  Nouriel Roubini: Karl Marx Was Right

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                                    Slow motion skateboarding slams / bails / falls (1000 fps)


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                                      Capsule – Jelly

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                                        Tablet Newspaper (1994)

                                        Apple wasn’t the first with a tablet … nice to see how the giants are now fighting over patents … [via]

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                                          On which side is the SEC?


                                          A whistle-blower claims that over the past two decades, the agency has destroyed records of thousands of investigations, whitewashing the files of some of the nation’s worst financial criminals. (..) But even if SEC officials manage to dodge criminal charges, it won’t change what happened: The nation’s top financial police destroyed more than a decade’s worth of intelligence they had gathered on some of Wall Street’s most egregious offenders. “The SEC not keeping the MUIs – you can see why this would be bad,” says Markopolos, the fraud examiner famous for breaking the Madoff case. “The reason you would want to keep them is to build a pattern. Destroy the MUIs, and Wall Street banks can commit the exact same crime over and over, without anyone ever knowing. | Website

                                          An interesting question now credit rating agencies have become questionable as well. Is any party in this financial system clean?

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                                            Danish Hospitals save 40 million through LibreOffice

                                            An anonymous reader writes with news that 25,000 staff across 13 hospitals in Denmark will be switching to LibreOffice over the course of the next year. “The group of hospitals is phasing out a proprietary alternative, ‘for long term strategic reasons,’ which at the same time saves the group some 40 million Kroner [about $7.7 million] worth of proprietary licenses. The ditching of the proprietary alternative is a consequence of the group’s move to virtual desktops, allowing staff members to log in on any PC or thin client. The group found that deploying this new desktop infrastructure would ‘trigger unacceptably high costs’ for proprietary office licenses… The move is Europe’s second largest migration project involving public administrations using an open source office suite.”

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                                              Massive anti-corruption movement grows in India?


                                              Millions of Indians pour out into the streets as arrest of 74-year old anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare and 2,600 supporters backfires.
                                              Attempts by the Indian government to crack down on a budding anti-corruption movement in the country have backfired. After Tuesday’s arrest of some 2,600 protesters, including the high-profile anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare, millions of Indians poured out into the streets to fight for a strong anti-corruption law. | Website

                                              More on corruption.

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                                                Copyright: Forever Less One Day

                                                When do politician wake up, for the real added value we should receive from it.

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                                                  Welcome Home- Radical Face


                                                  Sleep don’t visit, so I choke on sun
                                                  And the days blur into one
                                                  And the backs of my eyes hum with things I’ve never done


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