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Citizen Power: Get the Fukoshima Contamination Map

Shinzo Kimura, a radiation specialist, who once visited Chernobyl to perform research, was shortly after the Fukushima accident, ordered to refrain from engaging in any sort of research (???). Rightly Kimura left the agency and set out to do what his government failed to do. Together with Masaharu Okano and other scientists they produced a contamination map of 50km around the nucluar plant. He clearly finds the Fukushima disaster worse than Chernobyl. The 90 minute NHK documentary above covers his 3 month post-disaster venture.

Short overview of his map project, after driving 3000 km by car

The video shows the government not declaring the radiation level which is safe for children. It’s breaking mothers. Why does it take so long for a map like kumura to be available in evacuation places themselves? Why are citizens left at their own devices? I’m surprised that the press is so calm about the fact that radiation contamination will increase for at least 9 months before the protective frame is ready. Do they understand this disaster?

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