HTML 5 what does it mean?

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2 Responses to HTML 5 what does it mean?

  1. Doktor Who, now in math. motion says:

    The Doktor has worked for months in the 90-ties, to find a mathematical formula to transfer 3 dimensional coordinates of a figure, into the 2 dimensional world, as it reaches our eyes.
    The doktor has places his formula’s into a program called ‘Draw’ which was put on a simple website.
    Even the doktor is now not sure, wheather his formula’s were stolen from the web or found out by some other graphic-monster.
    Let us keep it simple and keep reality to other graphic-monsters.
    The Doktor (always in for peace)

  2. Remco van Prooijen says:

    I will not, as the Doktor does, tell the world how great I am in math.
    I am interested how all those internet functions can be transferred into ‘machinelanguage’ of those big computers and how these giant-registers can pick up all this data and how it is selected and transported all over the world, while not ‘bumping’ one datatransfer on to another!
    Who can answer this for me?