Mega Viral Video with full rights

Earlier today, Megaupload released a pop video featuring mainstream artists who endorse the cyberlocker service. News of the controversial Mega Song even trended on Twitter, but has now been removed from YouTube on copyright grounds by Universal Music. Kim Dotcom says that Megaupload owns everything in the video, and that the label has engaged in dirty tricks in an attempt to sabotage their successful viral campaign.

Don’t do evil guys.. right.

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    One Response to Mega Viral Video with full rights

    1. Doktor Who, now in Holland says:

      In Dutch they have a saying about these guys:
      “De Pot verwijt de Ketel, dat ze zwart ziet”
      In this case: Megaupload tells You Tube not to play their song, while song is calling the Kids in America to do so with other pop-music. And where that all is been done: At You Tube.
      I might be wrong, but the tone and the message from this song I just say and heared calls to my: “Upload as much as you can!”
      If the Doktor is wrong he wants to be traeted by that female psychiatrist we just al saw in her bathing suit., at the end of the video-clip