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Debunking The EU Commission’s ‘Myths About ACTA’

It’s a sign of the European Commission’s increasing desperation over ACTA that it has been forced to send out a document entitled “10 Myths About ACTA” [pdf] that purports to debunk misinformation that is being put around. Unsurprisingly, the EC’s document is itself full of misinformation. Here are just a few of the more outrageous examples. [via]

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Online Piracy Doesn’t Hurt U.S. Box Office Returns [STUDY]

ha ha ha

Remember SOPA? Remember the urgency with which the bill’s backers were trying to convince us that its intended target, online piracy, was a clear and present danger? Remember how those dastardly BitTorrenters were going to deprive us of a functioning, creative movie industry? Well, an academic study now doing the rounds suggests that’s nonsense. [via]

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Leuk een YOCO spot op TV

Link: Move4oneMen.org
oneMen heeft al een paar weken een leuke spot van hun Move4oneMen YOCO op TV!

Als manager nieuwe media van WWAV ben ik betrokken bij deze YOCO (product van WWAV).

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