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Pinguins on a plane

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    Corporate Followers you didn’t know about


    Who are these companies and what do they want from me? A voyage into the invisible business that funds the web.

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      Nucluar Cars?


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        Debt and Moral Confusion

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        ‘We have normalized the idea of debt, turned it into morality. We assume that morality is paying debts, rather than the ability to make promises as free people.- David Graeber, antropoloog

        Tegenlicht puts the morality of the debt economy in focus.

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          Why blacklist are a bad idea

          According to NITEC chief Johnny Lundberg, it began when an employee at the police center decided to move from his own computer to that of a colleague.
          “He sat down and was about to make an investigation, and in doing so he placed a list of legitimate sites in the wrong folder,” Lundberg explained. “Before becoming aware of the error, two ISPs retrieved the list of sites.”
          Result: the Danish police similarly “accidentally” had 8,000 legitimate sites declared as child porn sites that needed to be blocked. Among the sites listed? Google and Facebook. Visitors to those sites, from ISP Siminn were greeted with the following message (translated, of course):

          The National High Tech Crime Center of the Danish National Police [NITEC], who assist in investigations into crime on the internet, has informed Siminn Denmark A/S, that the internet page which your browser has tried to get in contact with may contain material which could be regarded as child pornography

          Oeps! Again. Let’s not go this way of thinking that blocking sites is going to help us. Its quite the opposite.

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            Romney LOL


            Act where they forget how to spell the name correctly… lol

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              This is Water – David Foster Wallace’s

              Kenyon Graduation Speech (2005) by David. Enjoy.(via open culture) (more…)

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                Feelgood video – Dolfins saved of beach

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                  TED – Coding a better government

                  You might hate the politics, but you shouldn’t hate government. It is what we cannot do alone. Fix citizenship not government. Jennifer shows some coding solutions, but adds it can be done on more levels.

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                    Facebook – Your face does only count

                    In most cases, your profile photo on Facebook tells viewers what they need to know to form an impression of you – no words are necessary, new research suggests.
                    College students who viewed a Facebook photo of a fellow student having fun with friends rated that person as extraverted – even if his profile said he was “not a big people-person.”
                    “Photos seem to be the primary way we make impressions of people on social networking sites,” said Brandon Van Der Heide, lead author of the study and assistant professor of communication at Ohio State University.
                    The exception is when a photo is out of the ordinary or shows someone in a negative light. In that case, people do use profile text to help interpret what kind of person is shown in the profile.


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                      R.I.P. Jean Giraud

                      Fifth Element, Alien stage settings and even more strips have been created by him.

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                        Late Comic Artist Mœbius

                        In Search of Moebius – Jean Giraud clip1/3 door foivosloxias

                        Jean Giraud part 2 , 3

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                          Ted – Series with questions without answers

                          See also Tededucation.

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                            Rokjes App


                            Rokjesdag is nu met je telefoon te voorspellen.

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                              Docu Lost World of Lake Vostok

                              Some 30 days ago, Lake Vostok was officially penetrated after 14 million years being untouched from any contact from above, by the Russians. According to many researchers penetration was done in a dirty (contaminated) fashion. Awareness of the dangers of contamination with micro life-forms, has made this an unique opportunity where Nasa can test their innovative tools for the benefit of earth sciences. See the brilliant Horizon documentary below to gain more insight in why this excites the community that much.


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                                Charlie Brooker on Kony 2012

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                                  First ruling ICC


                                  So it is doing something.. finally?

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                                    Signlanguage Songfestival

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                                      Jump for Joy – Girls first try

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                                        Phantom Menaces

                                        Just where red letter left something for others to comment moooore on.

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                                          Alphabet thought to kids nowadays


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                                            The great debate

                                            The great debate

                                            Via Jeroen Talens @ WWAV

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                                              Hiding spot of Pac-Man

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                                                Heidegger docu


                                                Typical solitude German Forest Guy Nazi with possibly blood on his hands (indirectly). Still quite revolutional in the field of Philosophy on his work Being and Time.
                                                Excellent docu about him and more importantly his work. What it does.

                                                Martin Heidegger Biography: Thinking The Unthinkable (BBC)

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                                                  Technology’s Role in NASA’s Future

                                                  Above the MIT speech of Braun now modified for the whole policy. Grand Challenges fitting the vision. Braun is thoughful, but it would be nice to hear his year goals too. Yep, both long and very short term need to be sold to the public at all times. The long term investment strategy is a good one though.

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