3D Printing in Space

Jason Dunn speaks about colonizing the space and additive manufacturing in space. He is the President and Co-Founder at Made in Space, Inc. They really should consider an more professional pitch for both their website and promoting. Yes, they will make it, but ow the possibilities!
They got their first tests already.

Manufacturing things for space in space makes a lot of sense. Parts do not have to be as strong as if they were made on Earth because they won’t be subjected to the stress of a launch. Their designs can therefore be simpler and the resulting parts lighter. You also remove the cost of getting a precisely engineered piece of hardware outside of our atmosphere, and also the risk something breaks on the way up. Instead, you just launch the plastic base material into space and feed it into the printer on arrival at the ISS. And if a vital part breaks? You could have a replacement in several hours instead of weeks or months (geek).

This is totally in line with Nasa smarter approach and more sustainable development in space. Think robot refueling and satelite repair.

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