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A Chilling similarity

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Facebook is Stealing Billions of Views

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James Bond’s espionage career on a MAP

Here’s every place Bond visited for Her Majesty the Queen. For explanations, caveats, and
a full list of James Bond locations, read the article.

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When You Ask Non-Creative Professionals to Work for Free

This is what creative people face daily. I tend not to do free advice anymore, there is almost never ‘New Business’ as a result of it.

Architects don’t give away their blueprints. Diners don’t fork out free meals. Personal Trainers don’t sign over their intellectual property on spec. This video pokes fun at the speculative creative bidding process in new business pitches. We believe there’s a better way for agencies and clients to find the perfect match. While they are talking about advertising gigs, this 100% applies to other creative industries as well ….

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Lots of people in ‘normal’ jobs are expected to work for free to some extent or another – be it unpaid overtime or other extra curricular activities, so I’m not sure you creatives are particularly hard done by per se. The harsh truth I think is that a lot of activities such as photography, djing, playing a musical instrument and so on can be performed to an adequate standard by countless willing amateurs free of charge.

Until you make a name for yourself, no-one really gets paid …

My advise, if you consider yourselves as a professional you can invoice. Minor discount on mutual business development is fine, but not after defining the pay-off before doing anything. If you spend time for free or less then your ‘partner’ should put something tangible on the table too, a promise isn’t tangible.

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