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Things real people don’t say about advertising

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    National Geographic Augmented Reality Rotterdam Centraal

    National Geographic heeft in samenwerking met NS, Prorail een primeur op het gebied van augmented reality in Nederland.

    Op Rotterdam Centraal kunnen de reizigers zich even in de natuur begeven tussen dinosaurussen, neushoorns, dolfijnen en ruimtewezens. Maar let op, de weersverwachtingen zijn wisselvallig.

    Ngage Media heeft deze campagne uitgevoerd in opdracht van National Geographic, NS en Prorail in nauwe samenwerking met Appshaker en ID310.

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      On July 7 and 8 I had the pleasure of attending the Fine Art Long Exposure Photography workshop organized by Marc Koegel and Joel Tjintjelaar in Domburg, The Netherlands. I was shooting some behind-the-scenes footage, and the (very) short film above was created from some of those shots. My goal was to give the various shots a look that you would normally only get from a long exposure photograph, but in motion.

      Check out the blog of Armand Dijcks for more information about how these shots were created.

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        The German – 10 min short film

        Written & Directed by Nick Ryan
        Starring Toby Kebbell and Christian Brassington

        A British fighter pilot pursues the german ace that shot down his friend across sky and country… with murder in mind. But he discovers it’s not so easy to kill a man when you have to look them in the eye..

        This was funded by an Irish Film Board scheme called ‘Short Cuts’ and was shot in November 2007. The Budget was €70K, and was used entirely on the live action components of the film – leaving a grand total of ZERO for visual effects!

        I completed all the visual effects shots, over 120 in total, entirely by myself here at Image Now Films. Dave Head modelled the aircraft (and truck), but I textured, lit, animated and composited the shots over a six month period in 2008.

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          Schnail Mail: free real mail for life!

          • How would you like to send free snail mail for life?
          • Starting today, you can do just that with Schnail Mail.
          • Use Schnail Mail to send as many real letters and postcards as you want. Absolutely free. For life.

          There is a catch though … read more @

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            Cartoon Movement – Must have t-shirt this summer

            This week’s shirt design: ‘Interfaith Dialogue’
            Cartoon by Giacomo Cardelli

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              Omate® is a vertically integrated Designer & Manufacturer creating wearable wireless computing technologies. Our first product Omate® TrueSmart™ is a unique hi-tech companion that helps manage your connected life and manage both Business and Leisure moments through your wrist.

              More than a watch, more than just a Bluetooth accessory, Omate® TrueSmart™ is a genuine standalone smartwatch that can also work independently from your smartphone… Stay tuned with Omate®!

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                Vincent Motorcycles & 1952 Vincent Black Lightning

                Vincent Motorcycles was a British manufacturer of motorcycles from 1928 to 1955. Their 1948 Black Shadow was at the time the world’s fastest production motorcycle.[1] In 1955 the company discontinued motorcycle production after experiencing heavy financial losses.

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                  Ten Thousand Days

                  True Love Never Dies…

                  Darby Duncan is convinced he will die on his Ten Thousandth Day. But when he meets Arabella at the funeral of his cousin, things don’t quite go to plan.


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                    PAPER MEMORIES

                    An Old man search for happiness in old photos… two worlds divided by the inability to dream…

                    Written and Directed by Theo Putzu
                    Photography Theo Putzu
                    Editing Theo Putzu
                    Sound Design Martin Ortega Granella
                    Soundtrack Miguel Marin

                    Stop-Motion technique, approximately 4000 photos.


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                      Apple – Designed By Apple – Intention

                      Here, simple phrases paired with elegant visuals describe the thoughts and emotions that go into creating each Apple product.

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                        Old New York in Color

                        Rare Kodachrome video shows bustling Manhattan, New York City, Summer 1939. Rarely seen recently surfaced amateur movie, filmed by a French tourist, Jean Vivier, in 16mm Kodachrome. Great conservation state and incredible quality. Score added (Demo Only) in 2013 by ROMANO-ARCHIVES (DJ Kirill Sergeew – 2 Minutes 38 Seconds To Kiss). Encoded by ROMANO-ARCHIVES.

                        Romano told the Huffington Post that the fascinating clippings were part of a larger film Vivier had shot. Additional footage of the Frenchman’s voyage on the S.S. Normandie can also be seen on Romano’s site. At the time it was filmed, there was no audio available, so viewers will have to use their imaginations for what the 1939 sounded like.

                        Read more & pictures [via]

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                          Jill Greenberg “The Manipulator”


                          Jill Greenberg “The Manipulator” is one of the more popular photographers of her era, however she is also one of the most controversial ones too. Her exhibit, called End Times, shows photos of various kids crying as if something terrible had happened.

                          How does she get these shots, you might ask? One photography enthusiast revealed photographer’s rather cruel way of making her models cry – Greenberg gives them lollipop and then quickly takes it away. Once people realized this, many condemned her for such methods. Others, however, say that kids cry all the time, and there’s no harm in it.

                          More pictures @
                          Website Jill Greenberg @

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                            Infograph – User Experience Design



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                              baby&me the new evian film

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                                Wim T. Schippers – God gaat toch over alles?


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                                  Social Media Vintage


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                                    Lessig’s TED talk on fighting Campaign Funding corruption

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                                      Henry Rollins: Have plan A, B, C, D and E ready

                                      Surviving the video game America. How to make it, with little in your hands.

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                                        Tedx Lytro

                                        Now a neat talk of The End of the Camera Focus.
                                        Again, digital photography will with this absolutely win over any serious cameraman. The blur of video/photo and focus.

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                                          James Bond Theme on eight floppy drives

                                          The name’s Disk … Floppy Disk [via]


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                                            Nominations of Razzies 2013

                                            Nominations for the Golden Raspberry award:
                                            Worst Actor, Worst Actress, Worst Supporting Actor, Worst Supporting Actress, Worst Screen Couple/Worst Screen Ensemble, Worst Screenplay, Worst Director, Worst Picture, Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-off or Sequel.

                                            The winners are in.

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                                              Fantasie van de Stad: “Paul Posse CCCP’

                                              Op Katendrecht bouwd Paul Posse een portiershuisje om tot koffie huis.

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                                                Beagraffitrix @ Oostplein


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                                                  What do I desire

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