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Every single Kramer entrance, in chronological order

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R.I.P. Roger Reese – British Ambassador

Roger Rees (5 May 1944 – 10 July 2015) was a Welsh actor and director. He was best known to American audiences for playing the characters Robin Colcord on the American television sitcom show Cheers and Lord John Marbury on the American television drama The West Wing. He won a Tony Award for his performance as the lead in The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby.[via]

After Splendid John Spencer we have now lost our British diplomatic Lordship Roger Reese. Especially briljant when it’s about India.

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CGP – Not the Confederate Flag

Obama calls for removal of the confederate flag.. well.

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Blade Runner – The Final cut

Having flopped in 1982, Blade Runner took years to find an audience, and to find itself – this “Final Cut” from 2007 supersedes an earlier “Director’s Cut”, cleaning up assorted blips (verbal, visual) in addition to stripping the tacked-on voiceover and dopey “happy ending” which marred the original release. Back on the big screen, Blade Runner remains an overwhelming experience, with Doug Trumbull’s photographic effects and Larry Paull’s production designs melding seamlessly with location shots of downtown LA to create a groundbreaking “retro-fitted” future. Vangelis’s glistening score is all landscape synths, tingling strings and yearning romantic melodies, while Syd Mead’s vehicles drive the action delightfully. But in the end Hauer’s eyes have it – gazing into a future already lost in the past; shimmering, piercing, undying. [Guardian]

Now this coming week in all art-house cinema’s of the Netherlands. A real ART HOUSE CLASSIC.
Go see it! See also the earlier documentary of the BBC.

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