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Innovation – Know the definition


Horace Dediu explains what innovation is.
Remember this next time someone tells you something is Innovative!

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The clickbait apocalypse is here

= Warning: This article might look like one! =

Online content now fully commoditized. You can’t differentiate yourself by “having a blog” or “writing informational content” anymore. Starting is cheap.
For better or worse, publishers have discovered that the easiest and most efficient way to separate yourself from the pack isn’t to create better content or seek out new ideas. It’s to frame and present your content in the best way possible. It’s turning everybody into clickbait zombies. Check yourself: The most popular sites just curate the content and drive visitors through superb clickbait. Some examples..

If it were just Buyral or facebook … now it is the titles alone a META-META-Aggregator mess.
Other Apocalypses we should be aware of: Space Rocks, Robots, Financial Meltdown, etc. etc.

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Expansion of Amsterdam in the Seventeenth Century

Een productie van Stadsarchief Amsterdam.
Animatie: Rudi Nieuwenhuis (
Expansion of Amsterdam in the Seventeenth Century.
An Amsterdam City Archives production.

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Supergeil feat. Friedrich Liechtenstein

They call him the most interesting man in Germany

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