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2014 in Film

How was last year in Film? See previous years (Gen IP).

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Why Jackie Chan is king in Action with Comedy

From Tony Zhou’s Every Frame a Painting, an appreciation of Jackie Chan.
He hits the nail on Chan’s ability to play the underdog and framing scene’s correctly.
Look and Learn.

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The Confusing Timeline of ‘Terminator’ Movies

CineFix recently created a video where they break down and explain the comprehensive and confusing timeline from the ongoing series of Terminator movies. It’s a big help for anyone who watched the newly released trailer for Terminator Genisys, where there is even more time traveling to both the past and future for John and Sarah Connor. [via]

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Steve Wozniak was also a designer

Of Apple’s two founding Steves, Wozniak was the technologist and Jobs was the one with the artistic & design sense, right? But it’s obvious from watching this video that Woz cared deeply about design and was a designer of the highest order. Wozniak still has improving the Apple II on his mind. From earlier this year: I awoke one night in Quito, Ecuador, this year and came up with a way to save a chip or two from the Apple II, and a trivial way to have the 2 grays of the Apple II be different (light gray and dark gray) but it’s 38 years too late. It did give me a good smile, since I know how hard it is to improve on that design. [via]

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