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Maarten van Rossem, aan het uitpraten

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    Van Kooten en de Bie – Proef Marokkanen

    Uitzenddatum woensdag 17 november 1982.

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      What Meetings Feel Like For Engineers

      Business meeting illustrating how hard it is for an engineer to fit into the corporate world.

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        OBAMA: All countries are close Allies

        Barack Obama and the US has a lot of close and strong allies in the world. And all small countries punches above their weight according to the president. From the show Detektor, Danish Broadcasting Corporation DR. Host is Thomas Buch-Andersen.

        The pauciloquent speeches we need.

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          Supergeil feat. Friedrich Liechtenstein

          They call him the most interesting man in Germany

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            Minder Noren

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              De Krim de Q-musical

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                Comcast Doesn’t Give a F*ck

                Now you know.

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                  House of cards on American vs British Comedy (2)


                  2013′s House of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey as a ruthless politician, making killer one-liners, on his way to the top, was based upon 1990′s House of Cards, starring Ian Richardson as a ruthless politician on his way to the top. They are both brilliant shows, and an excellent illustration of the differences between American and British politics, drama and humor, mentioned here before by Stephen Fry.
                  There are lots of tough breaks in Kevin Spacey’s House of Cards, but in the end there is a jauntiness to it. People kill themselves; politicians lie and traduce; no one can be trusted — and still, somewhere deep it has a kind of American optimism.
                  It’s different in the UK version. This comedy here is truly cruel – and, one layer down, even bleaker and more squalid than it seems at first. Unlike Spacey, characters aren’t likeable anymore. [Atlantic]

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                    The bad shower joke


                    Dmitry Kozak, the deputy prime minister responsible for the Olympic preparations, seemed to reflect the view held among many Russian officials that some Western visitors are deliberately trying to sabotage Sochi’s big debut out of bias against Russia. He warned a Wall Street Journal reporter that he would release hidden-camera footage of journalists in their hotel bathrooms if they continued to complain about the substandard hotels in Sochi. [Consumerist]

                    There’s love in the air people.

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                      Welcome to the year of the whores


                      BBC News ushered in the ‘Year of the Whores’ last night, as a captioning blunder left the channel red-faced. Millions of people are celebrating Chinese New Year this weekend, with 2014 being the Year of the Horse [mirror].

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                        Really funny table tennis match


                        Chinese rule table tennis, however when a Belgium confronts them: Losing is quite funny to watch. This video from 2014, it’s not a short clip and the commentary is in Chinese, but the highlights from this match between Taiwan’s Chuang Chih-Yuan and Belgium’s Jean-Michel Saive are pretty darn hilarious. The duo faced off at the Tai Ben Invitational earlier this month. Chuang won the match 4-0 and went on to the final where he was beaten [Metafilter].

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                          Cassetteboy & Amnesty International vs The Arms Trade

                          Ever find yourself watching a politician talk and wishing they were saying something completely different?
                          It’s a feeling we’ve had a few times with President Obama – on Guantanamo, on drones, and now on the Arms Trade.
                          Thankfully for us, Cassetteboy agreed to put together our dream speech from Obama on the Arms Trade Treaty – one where he supports it and insists that it must protect human rights, and stops transfers if the weapons could be used for human rights abuses.[more]

                          For his coming State of the Union speech, EFF has made an bingo sheet.
                          Of course, more leaders in the world could have been soundcasted in this manner.

                          Update: Outcome of the bingo sheet.

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                            Christmas Santa Word Search


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                              Saturnday Night Live Speeching

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                                James Bond according to his medical staff


                                Death by alcohol by 56. 92 drinks a week.. mmm

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                                  Jean-Claude Van Damme Volvo Splits Truck | Gaza Style

                                  Jean-Claude Van Damme Volvo Splits Truck

                                  Gaza Cars – The Epic Split feat. Bsyazlma Mahmoud Zuiter

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                                    Etoro follows Twitter Profiles followers as stock prices

                                    Social Trading is about opening the markets to everyone. At eToro we encourage people to connect with one another to discuss, trade, invest, learn and share knowledge across the network. From now on, you can copy the traders you like with a “click” of a button

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                                      Rembrandt Flashmob: Guards of the Night

                                      A thief in a garish feathered hat runs out of a shopping mall store with a leather bag clutched in his hand. He jumps down the stairs and tries desperately to escape as ropes descend down the mall’s atrium.

                                      Guards emerge to catch the criminal — but they’re on horseback, dressed in brimmed caps, and decked out with ruffled collars. A regiment of guards on foot marches toward the thief with halberds outstretched.

                                      After they catch the would-be escapee, a frame falls from the ceiling of the mall and brackets a view of proud policemen: This is Rembrandt’s “The Night Watch.”

                                      More @ &

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                                        Honest Slogans – Advertising instant opinions


                                        Honest Slogans is a Tumblr that remixes famous logos with taglines that reflect what people really think of the brand. A project by graphic designer Clif Dickens, Honest Slogans will make you chuckle every time because, well, we all know these revised taglines tell the truth. Honest slogans.

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                                          “IKEA” – Official Trailer

                                          Alfonso Cuarón’s IKEA horror. This is a very clever, well done trailer based on the trailer for the movie Gravity. And, if you’ve ever been inside of an IKEA before, you know it is true too.

                                          GET THE EXIT GUIDE While you can! Barnhard Note: Its actually a science.

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                                            Middle finger statue

                                            Middle Finger Statue Man buys house next to ex wife and erects giant statue towards her home .

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                                              Sint R. Klaas Misdaadverslaggever

                                              More Sinterklaas.

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                                                Rijkman Groenink ’26 miljoen, ik kan het iedereen aanraden’

                                                Rijkman Groenink tijdens een interview voor Room for discussion over de vertrekpremie die hij kreeg na de overname van ABN Amro.

                                                Meer opelijke, aardige interviews op Room for Discussion over oa. HFT

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                                                  Martijn Koning – Spijkers met Koppen – Zwarte Piet

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