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Lubach over Wachtgeld

De laatste tijd vertrekken meerdere kamerleden en daarbij hebben ze recht op wachtgeld – ook als je vrijwillig opstapt. Tijd om uit te zoeken hoe je dat aanvraagt.

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    Politieke Junkies – Januari

    Deze editie o.a. Xander van der Wulp (NOS), Frank Hendrickx (Volkskrant) en Emilie van Outeren (NRC). Jury: Hanke Bruins Slot (lid Tweede Kamer CDA ).

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      2015 met Lubach – Het jaar van Mark Rutte

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        Star Wars Minus Star Wars – Between the Lines

        It’s impossible to overstate the impact of Star Wars. Its arrival in theaters on May 25th 1977 marked the end of one chapter in film history and the beginning of another. It’s a hinge on which film history swings. Upon its release, critic Pauline Kael derided the film as “an assemblage of spare parts—it has no emotional grip… an epic without a dream” Twenty years after its release critic Roger Ebert remarked that the film “colonized our imaginations, and it is hard to stand back and see it simply as a motion picture, because it has so completely become part of our memories.”

        They’re both right. Star Wars succeeded because of its roots in film history and mythology, and its influence over generations of filmmakers can be felt in countless works that came after it. For better or worse, Star Wars engulfs the past and future of moviemaking.

        Ever wondered why Lucas stopped following his own book story with the latest film?
        Also, when any copyright comes along saying you cannot do something.. think about this.

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