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Volcano Eruption in Papua New Guinea

The eruption of Mount Tavurvur volcano on August 29th, 2014. Captured by Phil McNamara.
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Bardarbunga rumbles again


IJsland heeft het waarschuwingsniveau voor de vulkaan Bardarbunga verhoogd. Er is code oranje uitgegeven, het op een na hoogste dreigingsniveau.
De vulkaan is sinds afgelopen weekend onrustig. In korte tijd zijn honderden kleine aardbevingen gemeten.

See 2011. Update: Follow it here and here.

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Ebola and Pigs

*However*, the kicker was not that Ebola is transmitted by air in human outbreaks, but rather that there may be something unique about pig physiology that allows them to generate more infectious aerosols as a general rule–so though aerosols aren’t a transmission route between primates (including humans, as well as non-human primates used experimentally), pigs may be a bigger threat as far as aerosols. Thus, this may be important for transmission of swine influenza and other viruses as well as Ebola.

So unless you’re sitting next to an Ebola-infected pig, seriously, airborne transmission of Ebola viruses isn’t a big concern. (Perhaps this corollary should be added to this handy diagram examining your risk of Ebola). [ScienceBlogs]

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Monkey Photographer without salary


The bizarre case of a monkey who apparently grabbed a photographer’s camera in a national park in Indonesia and snapped a selfie (that was back before “selfie” was so common a term — and we just called it a “self-portrait”). There were a few different shots, but the one that clearly got the most attention is this one. It seems fairly clear that the work is in the public domain, Under all three applicable copyright laws, the rules say that the work needs to be done by a person, and a monkey doesn’t count. Slater, however, claims that because the camera is his, it’s still his copyright. While that’s what many people think copyright law says, it’s not actually what copyright law says at all. So why is this even an issue again at all? Well, that’s partly Wikimedia’s fault. It just released a transparency report, which discusses the whole monkey situation in a case study. [techdirt]

Before this is over the monkey will exercise its “right to be forgotten.”

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