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Some of Earth’s 10 really Mysterious Lost Worlds

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Eerste VIRUS penicilline gevonden?


Chinese onderzoekers hebben een molecule ontdekt die ze “de eerste penicilline tegen virussen” noemen. Het gaat om de molecule MIR2911, die van nature gevonden wordt in een Chinees kruid dat Japanse kamperfoelie heet. MIR2911 levert een anti-virale activiteit over een breed spectrum tegen griepvirussen, kan het een nieuwe strategie worden om dodelijke infecties tegen te gaan. [via]


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Obama’s new Ocean Preserve, it’s a start


Obama just created a Pacific Ocean reserve almost twice the size of Texas to curb fishing and oil drilling. Surprisingly, it was President George W. Bush who created the national monument during his final weeks in office. But Obama has increased its size nearly six times over, stretching it out to nearly twice the size of Texas. Obama’s gesture, grand as it is, shows how neglected the oceans are: The fact that few Obama political opponents know or even care about the oceans.

It is worth understanding how much the oceans are worth: 3 Trillion dollars and much more on the non-material scale according to McKinsey. Given the ocean’s central role in our global economy, the state of its overall health should terrify us all: D grade. Some 87 percent of global fish stocks are depleted or in serious trouble (UN figures). Of the world’s 17 largest fisheries, 15 are at or over capacity. Meanwhile the world’s population, with ocean food needs is expected to grow by 2 billion by 2050.
These preserves, now cover more than 2 percent of the world’s oceans, the global goal is 10 percent. However, that’s not 2 percent quality, those with actual fish in it. And where’s the effective governance of those seas? Remember the Elephants? Protected? Right.

Still, these big ideas, like the ones the commission is proposing, are worth aspiring to. The good news is big names are taking note. The European Union is aggressively pushing for an international oceans agenda, and Obama and Bush have clearly recognized that ocean conservation will buttress their long-term legacies. Preserving the ocean is a relatively uncontroversial legacy, as both Obama and Bush have found; with luck, world leaders will also champion the world’s most valuable, and least valued, asset. [foreign policy]

More on the Ocean.

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50% Animals gone in 40 years


The number of wild animals on Earth has halved in the past 40 years, according to a new analysis. Creatures across land, rivers and the seas are being decimated as humans kill them for food in unsustainable numbers, while polluting or destroying their habitats, the research by scientists at WWF and the Zoological Society of London found.[guardian]

The big extinction by numbers, in our livetime… well done homo sapiens.

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