John Oliver: Ferguson, MO and Police Militarization

John hits the issue for 100%. Press freedom anyone?

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De snijtafel fileert: de rechtszaak tegen Zwarte Piet

Vijftig tinten zwart. (Pas op: bevat griezelige beelden.). Bronnen.

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Student debt and tuition destroys America’s children


They all take responsibility for their own mistakes. They know they didn’t arrive at gorgeous campuses for four golden years of boozing, balling and bong hits by way of anybody’s cattle car. But they’re angry, too, and they should be. Because the underlying cause of all that later-life distress and heartache – the reason they carry such crushing, life-alteringly huge college debt – is that our university-tuition system really is exploitative and unfair, designed primarily to benefit others. [more]

Education instead should have been WAY cheaper now then ever before.

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Brainstorming fails, choose Brainwriting

Kellogg – Animation – Final for Site

Because brainstorming favors the first ideas, it also breeds the least creative ideas, a phenomenon called conformity pressure. People hoping to look smart and productive will blurt out low-hanging fruit first. Everyone else then rallies around that idea both internally and externally. Unfortunately, that takes up time and energy, leaving a lot the best thinking undeveloped. We’ve all been in meetings like this: Some jerk says the obvious thing before anyone else, taking all of the glory; everyone else harrumphs. Brainstorm session over.

Brainstorming works best if before or at the beginning of the meeting, people write down their ideas. Then everyone comes together to share those ideas out loud in a systematic way. Thompson has her participants post all the ideas on a wall, without anyone’s name attached and then everyone votes on the best ones. “It should be a meritocracy of ideas,” she said. “It’s not a popularity contest.” Only after that do people talk.

FC. Regarding readibility? Go digital, there are many options.

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