Iceland’s Pirate Party Increase due to referendum?

Iceland’s Pirate Party has continued to dominate national opinion polls, and has now extended its lead to near 40 percent support in the nation.
To explain the dramatic shift in support, Icelandic parliamentarian and Pirate Party leader Birgitta Jonsdottir pointed toward popular trust and democracy regarding the matter of accession of Iceland to the European Union last year. “It was directly linked with the foreign minister bypassing the parliament in this action,” Jonsdottir told The Speaker. In March of 2015 the Icelandic foreign minister informed the EU Presidency that Iceland’s government had decided Iceland would not restart negotiations on accession and that the new decision superseded commitments toward accession made by the previous Icelandic government. “One of the promises of this government was to call for a national referendum asking Icelanders if they wanted to carry on or stop the EU bid. They broke that promise with the action of the foreign minister.”

Sound familiar?

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    Politieke Junkies – Januari

    Deze editie o.a. Xander van der Wulp (NOS), Frank Hendrickx (Volkskrant) en Emilie van Outeren (NRC). Jury: Hanke Bruins Slot (lid Tweede Kamer CDA ).

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      New World’s Biggest Prime Number

      When will we have a one billion digit prime? Good question! In the early days of the GIMPS search, my predictions were reasonable, but recently things have taken a turn (see the graph) that defies prediction using simple regressions and past history. My last prediction was way off!
      I am getting out of the time prediction business. Future predictions should be based not only on heuristics such as found on the page Where is the Next Mersenne?, but should also track the usage data for projects like GIMPS. It is the current participants, not the past, which will find the next prime.(more)

      M25964951 = 7,816,230 2005 Nowak, Woltman, Kurowski, et al. [GIMPS, PrimeNet]
      M30402457 = 9,152,052 2005 Cooper, Boone, Woltman, Kurowski, et al. [GIMPS, PrimeNet]
      M32582657 = 9,808,358 2006 Cooper, Boone, Woltman, Kurowski, et al. [GIMPS, PrimeNet]
      M43112609 = 12,978,189 2008 E_Smith, Woltman, Kurowski, et al. [GIMPS, PrimeNet]
      M57885161 = 17,425,170 2013 Cooper, Woltman, Kurowski, et al. [GIMPS, PrimeNet]
      M74207281 = 22,338,618 2016 Cooper, Woltman, Kurowski, Blosser, et al. [GIMPS, PrimeNet]


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        Blijkbaar zijn sommige landen er niet gerust op dat Nederland zelf de daders gaat pakken. Veel dingen zijn niet transparant. De vorige vliegramp is niet beschikbaar tot januari 2073 (!), eerlijke onderzoekers worden aangevallen, radar bewijsstukken worden niet opgevraagd terwijl dit verplicht is. Het is aan Bellingcat en vele anonieme bronnen dat de feiten op tafel komen.
        De overheid is op steeds meer dossiers een Kafka verhaal.

        Deze serie is voorlopig nog niet voorbij.

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